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Project Description

SharePoint Customizer is a tool for customizing SharePoint websites look and feel, and you also can use it for any website, because it is designed to override default CSS classes of any website.


this tool developed specifically to customize look and feel without touching default CSS files of SharePoint.

1- Opens any online site or offline page and apply your new styles without refreshing the page by few steps
2- Displays current CSS class attributes by click the class name
3- Full review of the page HTML and styles through:
  • Mouse selections of the item
  • HTML tree view
  • Property box
4- You can add new/existing images and it will appended automatically to the CSS
5- Auto Complete CSS feature
6- You can append more than one CSS file
7- Color Picker tool which applies the Color code automatically to the CSS
8- Exports the full package to be applied on either SharePoint or any website

HOW TO: use this tool with MOSS

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